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nknown to most Americans, 70% of tequilas available in the U.S., from Mexico, are ‘mixtos’ at a much higher alcohol proof, and are un-approachable, sharp to the palate, hot, and end with a burn finish. Not so with VIVA AGAVE, and its careful blending, and lower alcohol percent.

Nevertheless, VIVA AGAVE is one of Mexico’s Sam’s Club and Mexico’s CostCo’s best sellers.

VIVA AGAVE, from Jalisco, Mexico, is presented in both 750ml and Liter bottles, with a contemporary, stylized graphic painting of agaves on the bottle.

Far and away, the Liter size has the best price-value proposition, and is prominent on back bars, home bars, and makes a great mixer. Pueblo Partners Trading Co. intends to introduce VIVA AGAVE to the restaurant trade, as a preferred well spirit, ideal for mixing margaritas, velvety mojitos, and Caipirinhas.

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