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ne of the key drivers to Alberto Becherano’s success in Mexico- both in brand-building, and also in sales, has been in both the quality of El Capricho, La Doña and El Secreto Tequilas, and also in the price-value success of VIVA AGAVE

VIVA AGAVE is now available in the U.S., and is classified by the ATF/TTB Bureau of Alcohol in Washington, as a ‘distilled spirit specialty’. This very approachable and friendly mixable spirit is a blend of 51% agaves and 49% select cane sugar.

The result is a rich, concentrated bouquet of outstanding grassiness, vanilla, and agave herbal aromas, and a creamy roundness, the gift of the first press cane sugar, that opens into pleasant, young agave flavors, with a marvelous cane creamy finish.

Don Alberto Becherano intentionally lowered the alcohol percent to 34% (68 Proof), making this spirit very approachable, with none of the harsh qualities associated with many of the young tequila ‘mixtos.’

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