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he Olmecs emerged as the first Mesoamerican culture along the Mexican Gulf Coast, which includes the region of Veracruz from the region of Veracruz (map). It is here where the first sugar cane fields were cultivated in the early 1500’s. It is also here, where exuberant arabica shade-grown coffees are cultivated. The same coffee selected for our Xolotl Coffee-Rum Liqueur.

José Villanueva Barragan,
“I was born between the barrels.”

José Villanueva Barragan is a second generation Master Distiller, who literally grew up between the barrels, in his family business, nearly sixty years ago. José is one of the emerging new generation of Mexican distillers, assisting in the formulation of various NORMA standards with the Mexican government, and is well regarded among his peers.

Sr. Villanueva takes pride in creating bold and nuanced artisinal spirits and liqueurs, which have a distinctly European, luxurious style in their taste profiles. Many of his barrels are French, Spanish, Sherry, and American Oak, and were crafted forty and sixty years ago.

Xolotl Liqueurs are dedicated to Alfonso Caso the intrepid archeologist with 2,500 years of dust on his hands, and a vision of indigenous storytelling in his heart. Throughout the centuries, the gift of the Jaguar has been strength, kindness, and intelligence.


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