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reathe in 2,500 years of Mystery - Xolotl ( Sho-lo’tl ). Early in 1932, Mexican archeologist Alfonso Caso discovered the treasures of Monte Alban beneath the sacred Pyramids of Oaxaca, Mexico. Uncovering 190 tombs containing gold, silver, jade and turquoise masks, jewelry and the mythological Xolotl Jaguar.

Jaguar. Monte Alban Pyramids,
Oaxaca, Mexico. circa 200 B.C.

The ancient Olmec culture, which preceeded the Zapotecs, Mayans and Aztecs, created stylized jaguars or humans with jaguar characteristics, on their sculptures, stonework, and large monuments. For the Olmec, the jaguar was an icon of shamanism, an intermediary between the human and spirit worlds.

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