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he Mario and Massimo Anastasio and Valentino Esposito families’ deep roots and traditions contributed to their devotion to the Sfusato Amalfitano lemon. Their families have been rewarded with the European Union’s designation of IGP, the coveted Protected Geographical Indication (IGP), given to only a few limoncello producers.

Ida Anastasio's grandmother hand-peeled
their heirloom lemons nearby, in their Amalfi Coast
orchard. Today, with a lyrical twist of the wrist,
Ida's daughter-in-law captures the lemon zest
with the same hand-peeler today. Lucky lemons.

Here in Praiano, the freshly harvested lemons and mandarinos are individually peeled by hand, using traditional tools, passed down from Grandmothers’ grandmother...

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