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For Immediate Release : Tucson, Az. - April 30, 2009

The Jaguar, the Pyramids, the Veracruzano,
and an Attitude about Luxury is in the Details.

wenty-five hundred years ago, buried in the sacred Mexican Pyramids of Monte Alban, was the XOLOTL (sho-lo’tl)... the mythological Aztec Jaguar.

Today, the legendary distillery in Veracruz creates exceptional, artisinal liqueurs featuring the Xolotl brand.

Begining with the purity and attention, the distillery blends exuberant shade-grown Arabica coffee with 20-year old Rum, craddled in 60-year old Spanish and French Oak casks, creating a sublime coffee sipping liqueur.

The hand-blown artisinal bottle is capped with a replica of the mysterious Jaguar head, found in Tomb 7 of the Monte Alban Pyramids in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Bravo, Xolotl.

The flavors of XOLOTL (sho-lo’tl)... the mythological Aztec Jaguar.

• Coffee Liqueur blended with 20-year old Rum • Almond Liqueur • Delicate Lime Liqueur • Anise Del Jaguar •

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. also imports El Secreto and La Doña Tequilas from Jalisco, Mexico, Herencia Del Mezcalero Mezcals from Oaxaca, Mexico, and XOLOTL Coffee Liqueur blended with 20-year old Rum, from Veracruz, Mexico.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. is currently recruiting distributors in most U.S. states.

Charles Simmons, Managing Partner

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Luxury is in the Details

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