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For Immediate Release : Tucson, Az. - August 30, 2009

Ancient Sipping Mezcals: A Discovery worth the Journey.

n spite of the industrialization of most tequilas, artisinal sipping mezcals have changed little since they were first produced 500 years ago.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. is pleased to announce our association with the Jimenéz family, a fourth generation Zapotec Indian “mezcalero” or mezcal-maker, - to import their outstanding mezcals, HERENCIA DEL MEZCALERO (‘legacy of the mezcal-maker’), as exclusive importer and brand-owner in the U.S.

“Great mezcal is made from the heart, and needs time. There are no shortcuts... There is no recipe for mezcal. You can’t measure the fermentation... you must listen to it. The ‘aguamiel’ will tell you when it is ready. Then you must distill it. You cannot wait or the moment will be lost. You must treat mezcal with respect”.Enrique Jimenéz M., mezcalero

Anejo Reserva

Herencia Del Mezcalero is re-launched from the award-wining Mezcal Del Maestro, and is packaged in the same mouth-blown artisian bottle with the pewter cap and bas relief sculpture of an agave and cork finish. Del Maestro was previously widely distributed in California and Arizona- best selling of nine mezcals, offered in Beverages & More, and Silver winner of Wine Enthusiast’s 90-Point tasting.

The sublime 2-year old Oak barrel aged Añejo Reserva, setting the standard for barrel aged mezcals, and the Citrus label are both joined by a new entry, Blanco Herencia Del Mezcalero, which is triple distilled, and re-defines blanco mezcals, as a crystal clear spirit with complex aromas, big agave and grassy fresh flavors, and wonderful vanilla creme notes at the finish. The Reposado is also triple distilled, uncommonly smooth, with agave and Oak flavors, and slight citrus notes, and a long finish.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. also imports El Secreto and La Doña Tequilas from Jalisco, Mexico, Herencia Del Mezcalero Mezcals from Oaxaca, Mexico, and XOLOTL Coffee Liqueur blended with 20-year old Rum, from Veracruz, Mexico.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. is currently recruiting distributors in most U.S. states.

Charles Simmons, Managing Partner

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