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For Immediate Release : Tucson, Az. - January 26, 2010

Cielo Divino’s Estate Bottled Limoncello coming to the USA.

ielo Divino, a stand-out premium handmade limoncello, long a favorite from the tiny village of Vietri sul Mare, along the storied Amalfi Coast, will be imported into the USA in May 2010.

Cielo Divino - Limoncello

Celebrated Chef, Mario Batali has said: “Trust your nose, it will never lie”, and if you have the good fortune to either walk the fragrant orchard of producer Dr. Augusto Strianese, or visit his fabbrica (modest distillery), you will absorb waves of citrus fragrances and sensous aromas, beyond your wildest imagination.

Inspired by the bounty of the Amalfi volcanic soils, Dr. Augusto has been a passionate leader over the years, in developing the IGP (Protected Geographic Region) for the Sfusato Amalfi Coast lemon, which only grows in this narrow region.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. will be the exclusive importer of this signature liqueur, an authentic, natural product, which uses only the highest quality lemons, and its carefully peeled zest, to produce a limoncello with a rich complexity and delicate balance.

The label of Cielo Divino is a reproduction of a stunning mural painting by the Italian artist Salvo Caramagno, depicting a traditional harvest scene.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. also imports El Secreto and La Doña Tequilas from Jalisco, Mexico, Herencia Del Mezcalero Mezcals from Oaxaca, Mexico, and XOLOTL Coffee Liqueur blended with 20-year old Rum, from Veracruz, Mexico.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. is currently recruiting distributors in most U.S. states.

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