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ielo Rojo Blanco is the jewel-box of Bacanoras, and in fact, the first legal, premium Bacanora imported into the U.S. Read Our 93 Point Review!

Wrapped in the mists of time, centuries before Tequila - Mexicanos and Opatas Indians produced small batches of ancient Bacanora in the canyons of the Sierra Madre mountains in Sonora, Mexico.

Bacanora is perhaps the purest artisanal spirit on the Planet: Wild Silvestre agave hearts are packed out by burro; taken from rich, red soil; pure spring-fed water;
fire; wild yeasts and copper stills. That’s it. Nada mas.

Roberto Contreras Mayoral, a Cowboy’s cowboy and Master Distiller, whose grandfather made artisanal Bacanora during the time of the Mexican revolution, carries on the tradition today.


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