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n the journey to introduce inspired spirits that are deeply rooted in centuries past, Charles and Marla encourage the Jimenéz family to commit to extended Oak barrel aging, unheard of at that time, in the world of mezcal. By limiting production and extending the aging in small, single barrel Oak casks, a sublime añejo reserva is produced, with complex and delicate flavors, that has won awards, and re-defined mezcal for Americans.

Guelageutza Annual Dance Fiesta, Oaxaca Mexico.

The next few years saw the successful formulary of the first Citrus mezcal, a stand-out blend of reposado mezcal that is infused with hand-peeled orange zest, lemon and orange juices, and free range honey, from the wild bee. In 2009 the Añejo Reserva and Citrus Mezcal are being joined by a triple distilled Blanco and a triple distilled, Oak barrel aged Reposado.

All four sipping mezcals are fire-roasted in clay-lined earthen pits, in the signature tradional process, imparting sublime tasting minerals to the spirit, just as it was produced 500 years ago.

In each case, with each product, the taste profiles are elevated, and the luxury is noticeable in the details.

Similar innovations occurred in partnership with José Villanueva in Veracruz, Mexico, blending an exuberant arabica coffee liqueur with a 20-year old rum. Our collaboration in Italy, with our distiller there, Massimo Anastasio, has produced a dreamy Chocolate Rum Liqueur, the first of its kind.

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