Pueblo Partners Trading Co. - Premium Imported Spirits from Artisinal Origins

n 1997, while purchasing one-of-a-kind folk art in Oaxaca, Mexico, Marla and Charles are introduced to artisinal sipping mezcals.

The Mezcal Bar in Oaxaca city.

While hundreds of mezcal-producing distilleries follow the popular style of putting very unpleasant worms in their bottles of mezcal, Charles, Marla and the Jimenéz family decided to elevate the quality of their taste profile, with a double distillation process, utilizing small batch copper stills, and forgoing the worm.

Pueblo Partners Trading Co. is established in 1998, and goes about designing a wonderful, hand-made, mouth-blown, artisinal bottle, made from 100% re-cycled glass, for the premium, smooth-tasting spirit.

Twelve of the spirits in our portfolio, including the Mexican liqueurs from Veracruz, are bottled using 100% re-cycled glass. Our commitment, wherever possible, is to use re-cycled glass.

A small, very talented taller (studio) is commissioned to make the cork and pewter top with the distinctive agave bas-relief design, for the mezcal bottle. The taller is later discovered by the producers of the film, Titanic, who commissioned them to make all the pewter period chandeliers for the film.

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