Pueblo Partners Trading Co. - Premium Imported Spirits from Artisinal Origins

ounding partners, Marla Perry and Charles Simmons launched Pueblo Partners Trading Co. in 1998 with a commitment to import and market premium, un-discovered and artisinally produced spirits.

Marla & Charles in Rome.

Beginning with researching two dozen small batch sipping mezcals, they chose to partner with the Enrique Jimenéz family, the premier mezcal producer in the Oaxaca region of southern Mexico.

We embrace two criteria for recruiting and importing new spirits. The spirit needs to be a premium hand-made, artisinal product, and the distillery must be a family-run enterprise with deep cultural roots.

Marla Perry, V.P. for Brand and Distillery Relationships, is a Clinical Psychologist and Nurse Practitioner by training. Marla has been central in building our relationships with distillery families in Guadalajara and Oaxaca, and Cordoba, Mexico, as well as the Amalfi Coast of Italy, and the Ica Valley of Peru. The truth is, Marla loves to see the subtleties of the earth, of the soil, and to help nurture the business and farming relationships, as they change and root, with the seasons.

Charles Simmons, Managing Partner, earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix, after working in Eskimo villages, assisting in economic development programs. In Tucson, Arizona, he was Marketing Director for an (HCA) Hospital Corp. of America hospital, developing clinical services and consumer programs. Since 1998 Charles has been sourcing new spirits imports, and developing brands and sales opportunities.


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